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Academician Jilin He of China Engineering Academy visited SMT

Date:(2017-10-17)   Hits:351

Accompanied by the president of Northwest Institute For Non-ferrous Metal Research&chairman of SMT Pingxiang Zhang, and vice-general manager of SMT Qingxiang Wang, academician Jilin He of China Engineering Academy came to SMT to inspect and direct.

After knowing about the production of titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and special steel powder introduced by chairman Zhang, academician He spoke highly of the achievements in technology and market created by SMT.

Academician He visited the SSPREP powder producing factory,made a deep and careful communication in terms of key technologies of SSPREP powder producing method,the whole construction of electrostatic impurity removal equipment, the application of spherical metal powder used in aerospace, including the issue on technical improvements. Meanwhile, the production capacity and production quality were also introduced to academician He by Dr Wang.

Brief Induction of academician Jilin He

Jilin He(1945.9.1--),specialist in metallurgy and material, chairman of East Non-ferrous Metal of Ningxia Company, chief engineer,professor of engineering, president of Northwest Institute For Rare Metal, who is born in Kaifeng,Henan province, graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing. Academician He has been researching in rare metal Tantalum,Niobium and Beryllium for a long period, awarded a lot by nation and province.color matching with tantalum powder torch plan" was awarded the first prize for 1998 national torch program award, "FTW120 tantalum powder production and products" "FTW170 high CV tantalum powder" "fine diameter of tantalum wire technology development" "high volume tantalum powder use K2TaF7 technology development" "Aluminothermic Reduction law take new technology of metal tantalum, niobium" respectively in 1992, 1996, 1996, the national scientific and technological progress second prize of nonferrous corporation won the first prize in science and technology progress and scientific and technological progress first prize in ningxia. Published more than 30 papers. He was elected academician of Chinese academy of engineering in 2001.

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