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Multistage Simulations of the GE90 Turbine

Date:(2016-1-21)   Hits:1012

The high pressure turbine (HPT) of a modern turbofan engine must operate in an extreme environment of high temperature, high stress, and high speed. As such, it must be film cooled and designed for long life and high efficiency. The heat transfer design requires a detailed knowledge of the gas side temperatures. The low pressure turbine (LPT) is designed for very high efficiency and must be able to operate effectively behind the HPT. The requirements for both the HPT and LPT necessitate a detailed aerodynamic solution capability which accounts for the film cooling, multistage effects and variable gas properties.

The Average Passage Approach developed by Adamczyk (1986) has been generalized for improved grids by Kirtley, Turner and Saeidi (1999) and applied to the complete turbine for the GE90 turbofan engine. In preparation for doing the full turbine, the HPT and LPT rig configurations were first validated. These rigs were designed and tested as part of the GE90 development program. A three quarter scale rig of the 2 stage GE90 HPT was designed and built by GE and tested at the NASA Glenn Research Center. A half scale rig of the 6 stage GE90 LPT was designed and built by GE and Fiat and tested at GE. These rig tests produced detailed measurements of hub and casing static pressures and inlet and exit profiles of total pressure, total temperature and flow angles. The engine turbine simulation was set up based upon a cycle analysis of the GE90 engine at takeoff. The HPT rig simulation comprised 4 blade rows; the LPT rig was 14 blade rows including the mid frame strut and OGV, and the full turbine simulation comprised all 18 blade rows.

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